I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness-- Jeremiah 3:3

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Next Big Thing--Shekinah Starts To Rock!

My daughter is the next genius in the neighborhood!

Can you blame me for that loud announcement? For one thing, I am a proud mother of only one--a miracle of sort in my 37th year. Second, I am a teacher who is used to monitoring an individual's learning developments and deficiencies for 13 years or so. Third, most of our neighborhood children now are engrossed with other things except school stuff. Thus, they learned their school things when they like to go to school--as to when, the parents are not intent on pushing them to, which tells you, my baby stands out (haahh, forgive the audacity)since she stays with her books and blocks all day.

And so, here goes my story.

Just two weeks after my little girl turned two, she amazed me when she brandished her new passion lately--learning her alphabets in matter of 2 weeks only. At first I thought she could only read 17 letters in the alphabet. But in matter of a few days after, she managed to even memorize the sequence of all the 26 letters, all because of one book I borrowed from a very good preschool nearby. It did her wonders.

But really, little did I know that it started even before I showed her the book, I was using it to tutor his five-year old cousin Vinry, who at the time, was having difficulty identifying each letter from the others. She was just right there paying attention to every curve and corner of each letter I was pushing into Vinry's consciousness and esophagus so to speak.

Seeing her digging her hands into my bags looking for that book everyday makes me decide to give her 2 hours every week just to give her a little lesson here and there--enough for a little toddler like her. And man, it was like a dream teaching her! She just absorbed everything. I bought educational tapes and toys which includes blocks, numbers, speaking lines for her. And she watches every DVD and builds her own blocks (which started when she was around 5 months yet).

For now, she glues herself to me every time I'm home for her books and DVDs. Ah, thank God, I am her mother!